27 mar. 2017

Webinar gratuito: Financiamiento climático en América Latina: el acceso a fuentes internacionales para la implementación de las NDCs

Financiamiento climático en América Latina: el acceso a fuentes internacionales para la implementación de las NDCs

Día: Miércoles 29 de marzo de 2017.
Hora: 09:00-10:30 CST (hora en Costa Rica).


Ana María Majano. Coordinadora de la Secretaría LEDS LAC, Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE).

1. Características y tendencias regionales del financiamiento climático en América Latina, con énfasis en la implementación de las NDCs.
Jan Karremans. Director de la Asistencia Técnica, EUROCLIMA.

2. Guía para el acceso a las principales fuentes de financiamiento climático en América Latina. 
Alejandra Sofia Castillo. Consultora en finanzas climáticas de la Asistencia Técnica, EUROCLIMA.

3. Acceso al financiamiento climático: experiencias de la región latinoamericana. 

Sobre el webinar

Hay una brecha entre los recursos financieros disponibles para concretar acciones contra el cambio climático y los que son efectivamente aprovechados por los países de América Latina. La dispersión de la información sobre relevantes fuentes presenta uno de los desafíos que deben enfrentar los países para mejorar el acceso al financiamiento climático.

The webinar presents a guide for Latin American countries with detailed information on international funding initiatives. The study "Climate Finance and NDCs in Latin America: A Guide to Facilitate Access to International Funding Initiatives" will soon be published as nr. 10 of a series of Thematic Studies by EUROCLIMA's Technical Assistance. It provides relevant data on 25 of the most important funds active in Latin America. By facilitating access to funding initiatives, the guide supports the implementation of climate actions in the framework of the NDCs. An infographic on key findings is available online.

The webinar will be held in Spanish. For more information on the webinar, click here. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the Secretariat of the LEDS LAC Platform: info@ledslac.org.

Fuente: Euroclima

22 mar. 2017

La liga internacional de fotografos de la conservación busca Director Ejecutivo

After 5 years as iLCP's Executive Director, Alexandra Garcia will be stepping down at the end of April to pursue new professional challenges. We thank her for dedicated service to the organization and wish her the very best in her future endeavors!

The iLCP Board of Directors has established the Executive Director Search Committee to identify Alex's successor and we hope you will take the time to review the position description below and either submit your name if appropriate or forward it on to others in your network that you think might be interested in this opportunity.

Thank you!
 About iLCP
Our mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography.   Our Fellows are an elite group of the world's top wildlife, nature, and culture photographers who, in addition to displaying remarkable photographic skills, have each demonstrated a deep commitment to conservation efforts around the globe. Our programs revolve around our Fellows. iLCP aims to influence all photographers and users of imagery to adopt sustainable best practicesin the creation and use of visual media.

Acceptance to the Fellowship is only granted to individuals who have a proven commitment to conservation action, superior photographic skills, and the highest ethical standards. As the world's leading organization of its type, iLCP actively advocates on behalf of the Fellows, our partner organizations, and the general, professional wildlife, and nature photography community on issues of common interests. iLCP is known for its Conservation Photography Expeditions that connect local, national or international organizations with one or more of our Fellows. The objective of this intensive field time with our Conservation Partners is to produce real world change from these collaborations. We do this by creating a body of images and visual stories that fully capture the threats and opportunities faced by communities whose physical environments, fauna, flora, and/or cultural traditions are in peril from human choices. We have a strong and successful history of stepping in at just the right time to tip the scales in favor of conservation. iLCP has an Image Licensing Service, the intent of which is to further the impact of these ethically sourced images by making them available to relevant conservation organizations and to enhance our ability to meet the visual assets needs of our current and potential Conservation Partners.

Annually in November, iLCP hosts WiLDSPEAK DC - a multi-day symposium of presentations, discussions, learning, and inspiration with some of the world's leading nature and wildlife photographers, filmmakers, scientists, newsmakers, and conservation organizations to explore how visual media can best contribute to impactful science and conservation communication and positive outcomes for wildlife and wild land globally.
Position Description
The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) is seeking a new Executive Director to manage and expand the organization. iLCP tells stories that change the world and we are looking for a visionary leader with dreams as big as the photographers to be the face of our organization. The ideal candidate should have executive level experience in nonprofit management and development. The ideal candidate also should have experience in conservation communication, and/or a background working with photographers. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing administration, fundraising, programs, serves as the spokesperson to the outside world and is responsible for creating and implementing the strategic plan of iLCP. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.
Essential Duties, Responsibilities and Functions  
  • Assure that the organization has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.
  • Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and staff, and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board.
  • Hire, manage, and develop staff to ensure their professional growth and commitment to the organization.
  • Lead and expand fundraising and grant writing activities to support both general operating expenses and program operations.
  • Promote active participation and engagement by the Board, Fellows, and Affiliates in all areas of the organization's work.
  • Identify, secure and oversee sponsorships for WiLDSPEAK, iLCP's signature symposium on Conservation, Photography, and Communications.
  • Develop and coordinate expeditions with iLCP's conservation partners.
  • Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with all accounting regulations and financial reporting requirements.
  • Create and implement a marketing campaign and Refine and oversee messaging to further the reach and goals of iLCP in all aspects, including image licensing, WiLDSPEAK, expeditions, fundraising, etc.
  • Prepare and implement an annual budget that will be approved by the board.
  • Balance the budget.
  • Prepare monthly board updates and oversee the regular iLCP newsletters to fans, donors, Fellows and Affiliates.
Requirements and Highly Desirable Qualifications

All candidates should have proven leadership, relationship management, and fundraising and development experience.
  • Bachelor's Degree required.
  • Five years senior business or administrative management experience.
  • Excellence in organizational management with the ability to build teams, coach staff, set and achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a collaborative and persuasive communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills.
  • Proven record of effectively raising funds to support a non-profit, preferably with an environmental and/or conservation program and managing relationships with donors and foundation program officers.
  • Knowledge, skills and experience in performing and managing financial planning and budget analysis of non-profits. Proficiency in generally accepted accounting principles and standards.
  • Demonstrated skills in collaborating with a Board of Directors and the ability to cultivate new and existing board member relationships.
  • Proven ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures and work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people. Proficiency in two or more languages is appreciated.
  • Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, mission-driven, and self-directed.
  • An innovative approach to business planning will be very helpful.
  • A passionate, diplomatic person with integrity and a positive attitude will thrive
  • Demonstrate an overall knowledge of the vision, mission and skill set inherent in the iLCP.
  • Experience in conference and event management.
Salary & Benefits

We are a small organization that is poised to grow quickly with the right leader. While we are unable to offer the salary that we would like to for this position, we are a flexible, collaborative group who encourage travel and a healthy life/work balance.

We are open to hear your ideas about how things go, and are looking for someone who is as hungry as we are to create change in the world for conservation.

This job description reflects the assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned. The International League of Conservation Photographers is an at-will, equal opportunity employer.    
To Apply
Please email the iLCP Executive Director Search Committee at hr@ilcp.ngo to submit your cover letter and complete resume detailing positions held for at least the last ten years in one PDF document. Title your email with "Executive Director" and your name in the subject line, e.g. Executive Director - Joe Smith. 

You will be notified when your application is received and we will begin reviewing applications on April 1, 2017 (no joke!). We will contact you if we wish to talk with you and we ask that you please not contact us unless we have reached out and invited you to move forward with the application process. At that time we will be happy to answer any questions.
Fuente: Boletin The International League of Conservation Photographers del 22/03/17.

21 mar. 2017

IUCN busca Director Regional

Regional Director - South America
Vacancy #: 1509
Unit: South America - Management
Organization: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Location: Regional Office for South America, Quito, Ecuador
Work percentage: 100%
Expected start date: 01 June 2017
Type of contract: Fixed-term (24 months with possibility of renewal)
Closing date: 16 April 2017

This senior leadership position provides an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the implementation of the regional programme for the IUCN South America Region, in line with IUCN’s global programme framework for 2017-2020 and beyond.
The regional programme for South America is implemented in collaboration with IUCN members, IUCN Commissions and partners, such as the agencies from the UN system, bi-and multilateral donors, and foundations.

The Regional Director leads the development and effective implementation of the IUCN Programme in South America. This position requires an accomplished and credible manager with good understanding of environmental policy issues in the regional context. The Regional Director is supported by a range of experts but has the institutional responsibility to authoritatively handle a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from biodiversity and ecosystem based resource management strategies and policies to organizational management and financial planning.
As the official representative of IUCN in the region, the Regional Director is responsible for maintaining a high and professional corporate profile for IUCN, particularly with IUCN members and partners.
As the senior leader of the Regional Office, the Regional Director is accountable for financial, personnel and administrative matters and is also responsible for ensuring the financial viability of the regional programme. The Regional Director ensures that all organizational activities are consistently performed under the principles of equity, fairness, inclusiveness and respect for the diversity of people.

•Represent IUCN in the region in a manner that promotes IUCN's mission and enhances the status of the Union among decision-making bodies, intergovernmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector.
•Initiate and facilitate initiatives and dialogues on key issues of conservation policy based on IUCN's regional and global priorities.
•Develop and maintain long-term fund generation strategies and nurture relations with the donor community in the region in coordination with the Strategic Partnerships Unit in Headquarters.
•Oversee preparation, implementation, evaluation and reporting of multi-year programmes for IUCN's work in South America, in line with IUCN's global programme and business model.
•Support the operational management of all IUCN Hubs activities in the region and ensure the efficient management of financial and human resources including development and maintenance of relevant policies, procedures and control systems.
•Develop and maintain regular contact with governments, regional and national committees of Members, existing and potential IUCN Members, partner organizations, Councillors, and Commission members.
•In collaboration with Membership focal points and the IUCN Constituency Unit, implement the IUCN Membership Strategy,
•Implement the IUCN Membership Strategy and develop a membership recruitment and retention plan.
•Maintain regular contacts and coordination with the Senior Regional Director to ensure operational and programmatic alignment.
•Work to develop a joint programme of work with the Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
•Contribute to the management of the IUCN Secretariat and Programme.
•Build and nurture a coherent IUCN team within the South America Region and develop deeper collaboration opportunities that strengthen IUCN presence in Latin America.

  • Enthusiastic commitment and vision, characterized by:
    • A commitment to nature conservation and sustainable use.
    • Ability to provide inspiration and strategic direction.
  • General:
    • Post graduate or advanced degree in either business management or a subject related to conservation and sustainable development, with relevant experience in the other.
    • Solid knowledge of conservation and sustainable development policy issues as well as the geopolitical, development and multi-stakeholder contexts in South America. Sound understanding of how this fits into the global context.
    • At least 10 years’ professional experience in senior management and governance of a complex multinational organization or programme in an area related to conservation and/or sustainable development, of which at least 5 years in South America.
  • Leadership abilities and experience, maturity and management skills, characterized by:
    • A deep sense of self-awareness as evidenced by the ability to articulate one’s own strengths, weaknesses and one’s impact on others.
    • Unimpeachable integrity as evidenced by behavior, communication style and way of handling ambiguous or difficult situations.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage and lead the work of the Secretariat with diverse skills, personalities, and backgrounds.
    • Proven ability to effectively delegate, empower and motivate staff and others.
    • Experience developing teams and individuals and effectively leading improvement and change.
    • Clear commitment to fostering a culture of high performance and accountability, demonstrated in the ability to manage by results, differentiate performance and assertively give feedback and take decisive action when necessary.
    • Demonstrated ability to both plan and take action, keeping the staff focused on priorities.
    • Demonstrated experience in the selection, coaching and appraisal of staff.
    • Demonstrated experience building teams diverse in gender, nationality and background to achieve business results. This commitment to diversity and inclusion should be exemplified through staffing decisions (recruitment, promotion, recognition, etc.) and the ability to model behaviors that promote a more inclusive organizational culture.
  • Senior management experience, characterized by:
    • Demonstrated experience and achievements in organizational, financial and personnel management, and in decision-making.
    • Proven experience in maintaining and nurturing expert networks with demonstrated ability to handle politically and culturally sensitive issues.
    • Maintain a positive work environment that facilitates collaboration and information sharing and is conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating diverse talent;
  • Professional competencies, characterized by:
    • Good understanding of world affairs and experience with the workings of Multilateral Environmental Agreements and governmental and non-governmental institutions.
    • Ability and commitment to act in accordance with the core values of integrity, respect for diversity and professionalism as spelled out in IUCN’s Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics.
    • Sound judgment and decision making, characterized by:
    • Experience in identifying key issues in a complex situation, and consulting, gathering, and analyzing relevant information before proposing and implementing decisive actions or recommendations.
    • Well-organized and logical in thought and action.
    • Ability to foresee and manage risk.
  • Other:
    • Fluent in Spanish and English. Knowledge of Portuguese would be an asset.
    • Ability to travel frequently within the region and globally
Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System, by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the "Apply" button at: https://hrms.iucn.org/vacancy/1509
Applicants will be asked to create an account and submit their profile information. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The vacancy closes at midnight, Swiss time (GMT+1 / GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time, DST). Other job opportunities are published in the IUCN website: http://www.iucn.org/involved/jobs/

Fuente: IUCN website: http://www.iucn.org/involved/jobs/

19 mar. 2017

Curso gratuito en línea sobre el cambio climático y sus impactos

El IAI – Instituto Interamericano para la Investigación del Cambio Global y una de sus redes de investigación cooperativa Tropi-Dry – Dimensiones Humanas y Biofísicas de los Bosques Secos de América Latina, han desarrollado este curso sobre el cambio climático y sus impactos en América Latina.
IAI es una organización intergubernamental conformada por 19 países de las Américas que se dedica a la búsqueda de la excelencia científica, la cooperación internacional y el intercambio de información científica para entender los fenómenos del cambio global y los efectos socio-económicos en la región.

Acerca del curso IAI

Este curso es impartido por 21 científicos de 8 países de América Latina, profesionales de diferentes disciplinas. Muestran los avances en temas relacionados con el cambio climático a través de 6 ejes: ecosistemas terrestres, ecosistemas marinos, paisajes rurales, sector agrícola, mitigación del cambio climático y servicios ecosistémicos, incluyendo el ordenamiento territorial.
El curso es financiado y apoyado además por el Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina. Ha recibido el apoyo técnico del Centro de Ciencias de Investigación de Observación Terrestre (CEOS) de la Universidad de Alberta, Canadá.

¿Quiénes pueden participar?

Este cuso está dirigido a gestores de recursos, tomadores de decisiones, profesionales, funcionarios o servidores públicos, personas de organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG), personas encargadas de formular y gestionar políticas públicas e investigadores.
Para inscribirse y empezar a ver los contenidos del curso solo debe registrarse de forma gratuita en la página del curso aquí.

Fuente: IAI – Instituto Interamericano para la Investigación del Cambio Global

17 mar. 2017

III Ciclo de foros virtuales: La contribución de los suelos para el alcance de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

No hay texto alternativo automático disponible.

Este martes 22 de marzo iniciará el III Ciclo de foros virtuales: La contribución de los suelos para el alcance de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

Foro 1°: La seguridad hídrica y los suelos, de 2 a 3 p.m. (hora de Costa Rica).

Para acceder a la transmisión regístrese aquí:https://goo.gl/TM9NW2

Más información: https://goo.gl/fA2Nai

Fuente: IICA


A través del Centro Latinoamericano de Formación Interdisciplinaria (CELFI) financiamos 30 becas de traslado, estadía y matrícula para asistir al Curso: "Agua y sustentabilidad: Dimensiones socio-ambientales y sanitarias de las cuencas hidrográficas" que se realizará del 5 al 10 de junio de 2017 en Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Resultado de imagen para cuencas hidrograficas

Sobre la convocatoria

Se otorgarán becas a graduados de las carreras de Biología, Química, Medicina, Geografía, Sociología, Comunicación, Arquitectura, Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, Ciencias Agropecuarias, Derecho, o disciplinas afines.
El curso aboradará el estudio de los cursos de agua y de las cuencas como sistemas que permiten analizar su interrelación con los sistemas hidrobiológicos, los usos del suelo, el ambiente social y la unidad funcional.
Para mayor información ingresá en el sitio web de CELFI

Cómo participar

La inscripción se realiza a través del sitio web de CELFI completando el formulario y adjuntado la documentación requerida.
Recomendamos leer las "Bases y Condiciones" para verificar los criterios de elegibilidad y la documentación necesaria para poder inscribirse, así como también el "Instructivo de postulación a becas" y la modalidad de registro en la página "Inscripción y becas"

La convocatoria permanecerá abierta hasta

Fuente: Ministerio de Ciencia Tecnologia e Innovacion Productiva de Argentina

14 mar. 2017

CONVOCATORIA Técnico de Campo Agroforestal (Bolivia)

El Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo para la Oficina de las Naciones Unidas contra la Droga y el Delito,
Requiere contratar la siguiente posición:
Un (1) “Técnico de Campo Agroforestal”
Contrato de Servicios SB 2-2

Las personas interesadas podrán acceder a los Términos de Referencia de esta posición en el sitio web www.oportunidades.onu.org.bo y enviar su postulación a las oficinas del PNUD en sobre cerrado, señalando la referencia de la convocatoria RH/PNUD/47/2017 “Técnico de Campo Agroforestal”, incluyendo la siguiente documentación:
  • Carta de postulación
  • Formulario P11 generado en el sitio web www.oportunidades.onu.org.bo, el cual se debe enviarimpreso y debidamente firmado. Favor completar este formulario de forma inextensa, ya que será fuente de información básica para la evaluación curricular. Asimismo, asegúrese de registrar al menos tres referencias laborales en este documento.
  • Currículum vitae y fotocopia de la documentación relevante de respaldo.
  • Las aplicaciones serán recibidas hasta el día viernes 24 de febrero de 2017 a 18:30 Hrs.
No se devolverá la documentación presentada. Sólo serán contactadas las personas que precalifiquen la evaluación curricular.

Aclaración: La dirección de la oficina del PNUD en la ciudad de La Paz es: Calacoto calle 14 Avenida Sánchez Bustamante, edificio Metrobol II.

“Naciones Unidas está comprometida en lograr la diversidad laboral al
interior de su oficina en términos de género, nacionalidad y cultura.
Individuos de grupos sociales minoritarios, grupos indígenas y
personas con discapacidad están por igual alentados a aplicar. Todas
las aplicaciones laborales serán tratadas con la más estricta

Fuente: Boletín Redesma

7 mar. 2017

Convocatoria de empleo verde (Bolivia)

REDESMA, Boletín 15-39 EXTRA XXI: 7 de Marzo de 2017

N° 002/2017
El MDRyT a través del Programa de Inclusión Económica para Familias y Comunidades Rurales del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia ACCESOS, requiere la contratación de personal de acuerdo al siguiente detalle:

Consultoria de Linea Especialista de Proyectos unidad operativa local Camargo del Programa accesos

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 11:00 am

Consultoria de línea especialista de proyectos unidad operativa local Patacamaya del programa accesos

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 09:00 am

Consultoria de línea especialista de proyectos unidad operativa local cobija del programa accesos

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 12:00 pm

Consultoria de línea Coordinador de la Unidad Operaiva local Patacamaya del programa accesos

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 15:00 pm

Consultoria de línea coordinador unidad operativa local cobija del programa accesos

La Paz – Calle Simeón Roncal N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 16:00 pm

Consultoria de línea reponsable de planificación, seguimiento y evaluación del programa

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 17:00 pm

Consultoria de Linea Especialista de proyectos Unidad Operativa Local Riberalta del Programa ACCESOS

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 10:00 am


Consultoria de línea Asistente de Seguimiento y Evaluacion del Programa ACCESOS

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 18:00 pm


Consultoría De Línea Ingeniero Civil Programa Accesos Asap Sede Sucre

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 09:00 am

Conusltoria de Linea Técnico De Proyectos En Adaptación Y Riesgos Climáticos Asap (Sucre)

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 10:00 pm

Consultoria de línea Especialista En Adaptación A Riesgos Climaticos Del Programa Asap Con Sede En Sucre

La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N°346  - Zona Sopocachi
Hrs: 11:00 pm
Las personas interesadas pueden descargar los TDRs y Formularios de Postulación en la página web www.sicoes.gob.bo. Las postulaciones deberán estar debidamente respaldadas según lo solicitado en el Documento Base de Contratación en fotocopias simples y podrán ser presentadas en La Paz – Calle Rosendo Gutiérrez N° 346 – Zona Sopocachi y en fecha y hora establecida en cuadro anterior.
La documentación presentada no será devuelta.
La Paz, 03 de Marzo de 2017

Fuente: Boletin REDESMA